How to Align Brand and Culture to Build a Prosperous Workplace - Coley Porter Bell

How to Align Brand and Culture to Build a Prosperous Workplace

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One of the essential lessons in brand building is, that if a company does not get its brand right internally, it will never get it right externally. And a big part of getting it right internally is ensuring brand and culture are intrinsically linked. So, if your organization is about to embark on a brand purpose, strategy, or employee engagement exercise, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Treat internal audiences with the same importance as external: Try to make sure your internal insights work is at parity with the external to ensure you are developing a strategy that works for your biggest brand evangelists, your people.
  • Move beyond purpose, to purpose activation: As you think about purpose, evaluate how it will come to life with your employees (e.g. programs, communications, experiences) in addition to how it will be expressed externally with your customers
  • Employee expectations have changed and organizations need to follow suit: The pandemic has opened our eyes to the diversity in employees’ lives. As such, organizations have a responsibility to now reflect that diversity in their policies, programs, and employee experience.

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