7 ways to prevent brand stagnation in the "age of intelligence" - Coley Porter Bell

7 ways to prevent brand stagnation in the “age of intelligence”

Featured in Management Today

Brands – like the businesses behind them – cannot stand still. But with the explosion of new technologies, many previously progressive companies are finding themselves in hot water, unable to meet the growing needs of both their customers and employees.

So what can you do if your brand was designed BDT? (Before. Digital. Transformation.)

Brands need to move into an age of intelligence, embracing technologies like artificial intelligence and data to be more personal, adaptive, relevant and smarter.

So here are seven questions to work out if you are getting this right.

  1. Has your brand established a presence in the Metaverse, Decentraland or The Sandbox?
  2. Are you considering evolving from written tone of voice guidelines to defining the sound and delivery of your voice for human interaction and voice platforms, or have you moved all the way to defining conversation design?
  3. Have you prepared your brand for augmented reality?
  4. Does your brand go beyond standard accessibility and strive for personalisation?
  5. Are your design practices embracing the idea of sustainability, eco-centred design or regenerative design? Are you looking for how to manage the impact of your brand by becoming ‘nature positive’
  6. Have you created a ‘dark mode’ version of your colour palette to reflect your brand and save battery life, and all of our tired ‘end-of-the-day’ eyes?
  7. Have you defined the behaviours for a digital human? Or thought about how their persona, character and behaviour reflects your brand’s core personality and values?

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