We design success into brands.

If you want to create brands that engage, cut through and, above all, succeed, you need to understand how people actually decode the world and really make decisions about brands. So we’ve worked with experts to understand how learnings from neuroscience can be applied to brand creation and brand design.

Seduce the Subconscious. Convince the Conscious.

‘Seduce the Subconscious and Convince the Conscious’ is our short hand for what successful brands – and brand design – needs to do:  To first ‘seduce’ the instinctive and intuitive part of our brain (our ‘System 1’) and then ‘convince’ the more reflective ‘System 2’ part. To achieve this, we’ve blended established strategic methods, Design Thinking and practical learnings from neuroscience to create our proprietary Visual Planning™ approach to brand development.

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Visual Planning™: An agile, collaborative approach.

Based on agile visual thinking approaches, Visual Planning™ comprises a suite of tools that take you from understanding the market, through to brand design and testing; as well as a set of best practice ‘Rules of Thumb’. The process is fast, bespoke and collaborative. And it works; leading to richer brand ideas that perform better in the real world.

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Brand worlds for modern marketing.

Modern brands need to live everywhere and anywhere, flexing to perform different roles at different points along the customer journey. In this new world, traditional brand identity approaches are no longer fit for purpose.  So we design brand worlds: flexible yet coherent brand identity systems comprising four sections: brand story, brand principles, brand elements and brand journey; enabling your brand to flourish, flex and thrive.


The brand story, purpose,
positioning and personality


Brand principles that
define every interaction


Visual and verbal brand
equities that people recognise


Seamless, distinctive
customer journeys