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How we helped the nation fall in love with own label again

With pressure from discounters, changing consumer perceptions of value, and an incoherent design system, Tesco needed help to revive its own brand sales. We embarked on the largest retail packaging rebrand ever done in the UK, telling the stories behind the food, and bringing consistency and clear navigation to over 9000 SKUs.

Tesco - 5 Different flavours of own brand chocolate placed on a black textured background
Tesco - A collection of fruit bars placed on a green, forest like background
Tesco - a still packaged pork pie placed on a red background
Tesco - a small punnet of strawberries placed on a red background
Tesco - an assortment of different Greek yoghurts placed in front of a blue background
Someone displaying fresh fish
A bearded man picking some tomatoes
A lady doing some gardening - looking at some plants proudly.
2 employees about to bake some bread
Tesco - box of tea bags placed next to 2 mugs of tea with differing milk content
Tesco - an assortment of different tea placed on a yellow background
Tesco finest seafood spread out on a mountainous background
Tesco finest - organic products spread out on wood
Tesco finest assortment of cheese spread out on a black wood background