Why mascots still have brand magic - Coley Porter Bell

Why mascots still have brand magic

Featured in Campaign US

Written by: Jenn Szekely, President

By embracing mascots as dynamic ambassadors, brands can stand and foster more emotional connections.

From sports to brands, mascots have been an integral part of brand building for more than 100 years. Theterm “mascot” is believed to originate from the French word for “lucky charm” and there is no sign thatmascots’ magic is waning.

The rise of AI and social media have given mascots a new lease of life, freeing them from the stereotyped shackles of oversized fluffy animal costumes or graphics on cereal boxes and relaunching them as creators that can communicate directly with fans and in their own unique voice. The most successful mascots have tapped into nostalgia, while also reinventing for the social media age.

Investment in this pays off, as mascots help brand recognition and raise awareness by up to 41% in crowded marketplaces.

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