Tapping into the Potential for Immersive Brands | Coley Porter Bell

Branding for a new era

The untapped potential of immersive brands

As people grow more discerning than ever and ideas travel at the speed of light, brands are being forced to rethink their model, service and execution. It’s exciting, ambitious, stimulating and relentless.

Change of this magnitude can unlock immense opportunity. And we believe immersive branding is the key.

2 Post office employees wearing red jumpers on a red background
4 different flavours of Flawsome juice served in a drink board which has 'Wonky fruit saved' printed on it.

The immersive landscape at a glance



wearable devices will be purchased every year to monitor our health.



smart speakers inside America’s homes.



of enterprises will be experimenting with immersive technologies by 2022.



100x faster than 4G, fifth generation cellular networks open up unprecedented potential for people and brands.



100% increase in memorability and loyalty when a brand engages 3 senses v 1.



Growing 3X faster than competition. The “Stengel 50” of purpose-driven companies experienced 10 years of pace-setting growth.



30k new products launched every year – is your innovation appealing enough / good enough to succeed?

Immersive brands are future-proof

How we’ve created brand identities in the past is not enough to meet the demands of today, and it’s not fit for the future. Immersive Branding goes beyond 2D visual design and includes visual, sound, touch, sensory and behavior. But beyond the presentation layer, immersive brands create personal experiences built upon rich data platforms and personalization, providing users with a ‘total’ experience. How does your brand shape up against competitors, disruptors and innovators?

Immersive brands drive growth

What are the strengths and advantages you need to maintain, where are the gaps you need to fill, what opportunities exist where no one is delivering, or where your brand could deliver in a better and different way? We diagnose customer needs and expectations, define brand strategies, compelling ideas and growth platforms before creating immersive identity systems and experiences. Finally we embed, activate and manage the brand throughout the organization.