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Increasing the staying power of heritage brands

Featured in Management Today

Written by: Vicky Bullen, CEO

Barbie-mania has proved a boon for cinema-going, shocking pink, sales of the foot-high plastic doll and, hopefully, female empowerment. But it has also been a prescient moment to reflect on heritage brands and how these brand stories and values stand the test of time.

The movie reinvention of Barbie has seen it go from childhood toy to a major cultural phenomenon – racking up over 100 brand partnerships and creating a positive perception of the Mattel brand with the business now considering a further 45 films from its toy range.

Barbie-mania may not be replicable for most heritage brands but there are clear ways businesses can protect and evolve brands with meaningful pasts that have built trust and credibility across generations. Heritage brands need to be nurtured and respected – while they inevitably need to change, it requires careful execution.

In the article, Vicky outlines five tips:

  1. Embrace your role in the world and reinterpret it for the future.
  2. Your past shouldn’t overpower your future.
  3. New and existing customers can coexist.
  4. Respect your visual equity but don’t be afraid to play a little.
  5. An evolution can be a revolution.

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