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Putting the brand into the M&A

Featured in Management Today

Written by: Vicky Bullen, CEO

The aim of M&As – whether realized or not – is growth, and that means that much more consideration must be given to the brand. Because brand is viewed as an intangible asset it’s too often overlooked – invariably missed off the balance sheet. But it should be a central part of the due diligence process because the impact on the business post-merger on brand equity,  customer loyalty and talent will be significant.

There are six ways brand can help make a merger or acquisition more successful:

  1. Ensuring brand value is engineered in the long term.
  2. Understanding and integrating two different corporate cultures.
  3. Defining a vision for the newly merged entity.
  4. Leveraging existing equity vs communicating change.
  5. Ensuring the day of the deal announcement is not a missed opportunity.
  6. Inspiring employees to bring the new company vision to life.

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