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When is the right time to rebrand?

Featured in Creative Review

Written by: James Ramsden, Executive Creative Director

Potentially one of the toughest questions for everyone responsible for ‘the brand’ – from the CEO to the brand manager – is ‘when is the right time to rebrand?’.

When brands we trust either refresh or completely re-invent their identity and expression system, it’s often a sign of the brand’s ambition to get back on its feet and re-establish a leadership position. We have seen this happen across almost every industry – from the recent rebrands in the café chains, to the fashion and retail industry, and the momentous change we’ve seen from the auto and mobility industry over the past decade.

The impact of a ‘change of brand’ often triggers other brands in the category to follow. When a leading brand refreshes its expression, it inspires its competitors to revitalize their identities (After all, what brand wants to be left behind?).

But what drives change is often much more complex than a brand leading and others following. There are many expressions that define a brand refresh, from evolving its strategy to adapting its user and digital experience, re-orientating its retail environment, training people, and more.

So, when should a brand rebrand?

At the risk of oversimplifying the art of branding, there are four dimensions that most often ignite change:

  1. Changes or tremors to the business context
  2. Developments in technology
  3. Up and coming styles and trends
  4. Changes in cultural expectations or tastes

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