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How new products keep FMGC heritage brands alive

Featured in FMCG CEO

Written by Vicky Bullen, CEO

Heinz is best known for its flagship sauces and baked beans. But in recent years, the brand has been surprising customers with a variety of leftfield new products such as pickle ketchup, vodka pasta sauce, and mayoracha (mayo sriracha sauce if you’re wondering).

Even though the brand launched over 160 years ago, Heinz has kept up to date with customer expectations – with many of its new products leaning into social media trends. But this isn’t always the case with heritage brands, as many stay fixed to their original products and are hesitant to stray too far away from their traditions.

In reality, brands need to adapt by introducing new products to keep up with evolving consumer requirements. And they can do this while still holding onto their core value and essence.

From Heinz to HP’s recent co-branded beer with Camden Brewery, heritage businesses can learn from those that have successfully established brands within brands to embody established values while keeping the brand fresh.

In this article for FMCG CEO, Vicky Bullen, CEO, outlines how heritage brands can be supported and revived by introducing new products – citing successful and less successful examples and exploring the brand strategies behind them.

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