Healthcare is changing. How should brands respond? - Coley Porter Bell

Healthcare is changing. How should brands respond?

Written by: Jenn Szekely, President 

Ten years ago, CVS made a bold move to change its name to CVS Health, declaring its shift in market position to become a healthcare company. Since then, many have followed suit with brands across categories expanding into the healthcare space. 

 Ten years later, while on the one hand consumers are showing increasing interest in all things health, wellness and wellbeing, for the first time since the 1920s, the US has seen the largest fall in life expectancy over a two year period.  

It’s not surprising then that healthcare as we know it has begun to go through something of a revolution. With value-based pay models (compensation based on outcomes rather than services prescribed) on the rise, we’re moving away from previous notions of healthcare to a more Whole Health approach. Instead of thinking about healthcare in terms of treating illness and disease, people are thinking more broadly about what is required to prevent illness, increase longevity, and stay healthy. And inspiration for this is coming from all sorts of angles – as seen with Netflix’s Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones documentary.   

This revolution opens up new opportunities for brands in a range of categories, but also requires current healthcare brands to evolve as the system does.  

In this article for Pharmaceutical Exec, Jenn Szekely, President of Coley Porter Bell, will explore how brands are pivoting, expanding, communicating, and delivering experiences to an audience who is dramatically changing its perspective on health.  

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