Sector Perspectives: Healthcare - Coley Porter Bell

Sector Perspectives: Healthcare

Healthcare is a field that has seen significant advancements in recent years. From RNA vaccines to AI protein folding and personal DNA profiling, the future of healthcare looks promising. However, despite these advancements, healthcare brands often struggle with branding. Many fall into the trap of being generic and lacking distinctiveness. 

In our latest Sector Perspectives report on Healthcare, we delve into this issue and explore how healthcare brands can overcome this challenge. We discuss four forces that brands need to understand: the future opportunities of the category, the nature and motivations of their audience, their role within the overall healthcare ecosystem, and a deep understanding of themselves.  

Creating a distinctive brand 

Our report highlights the importance of an Unordinary Idea – a unique concept that drives businesses, inspires creativity, and frames choices. This idea forms the key to creating a distinctive brand in the healthcare sector.  

The report also examines the healthcare brand ecosystem, which includes researchers, manufacturers, carers, insurers, and lifestyle advisors, along with direct practitioner brands like doctors and hospitals. Each player in this ecosystem has a unique role and a unique story to tell. 

However, understanding their role in the ecosystem isn’t enough for brands to differentiate themselves within their specific areas. They need to express their own view of the category, rather than merely reflecting it.  

The report concludes by emphasizing that great brands are compelling ideas wrapped in creativity. They are based on truth and insight and have the power to galvanize everyone they touch. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how healthcare brands can navigate the branding puzzle in a rapidly advancing field, check out our full Sector Perspectives report on Healthcare here, or click the image below.