Branding lessons for the discount retailers - Coley Porter Bell

Branding lessons for the discount retailers

Written by: Jenn Szekely, President 

Discount retailers are experiencing mixed fortunes in the US. The battle for the grocery dollar is intense and while the behemoths such as Amazon and Target have the scale at one end of the market, on street corners the discount retailers are trying to compete through geography and local demographics. But many of them are struggling – while Dollar General is faring better than some, Family Dollar’s sales have been stuttering and 99 Cents Only could be out of business entirely. 

There are some clear branding lessons this sector needs to adopt. What starts with top line brand identity through signage also needs to be followed through with better own-label product design.  

In this article for The Drum, Jenn Szekely, President at Coley Porter Bell, will look at how retailers in this market can up their branding game to better deliver what value-orientated customers want and bolster their business performance in the process. 

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