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A design for an affordable life

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How good design can lift people’s moods and improve brand recognition during the cost of living crisis

Written by: Michela Graci, Strategy Partner

We thought we’d had some difficult Christmases during the Covid-19 pandemic years – isolated from friends and family, what was usually a time of communality and gathering turned into a more solitary celebration. The health crisis may have eased, but this Christmas has a new set of challenges for many people; this time it’s not a virus that’s curtailing our Christmas joy, but rather a cost-of-living crisis.

With the UK government’s own statistics showing the areas where people were feeling the price rises most – with 94% of people seeing an increase in their food shop, 82% in their gas or electric bills and 77% in the price of fuel – it’s clear most people are being impacted. Of course some will be affected more than others – one in six people are currently worried they can’t afford to feed their families with one in 11 turning to food banks.

This creates a challenging environment for brands this Christmas. A time traditionally focused on indulgence and celebration, brands won’t want to alienate customers by pushing overt extravagance while some are struggling with the day-to-day. However, many customers will continue to want to treat themselves and their family at this time of year so associated with opulence and merriment. Indeed, even for those feeling the weight of the cost-of-living crisis, many may still want to ensure their festivities feel a little bit special, albeit more restrained than in previous years.

Which is why design will have an important role to play in creating premium affordable experiences. Through pack design, grocery and supermarket brands can instil some sense of occasion and indulgence, in particular moments, so that everyone can feel they are still enjoying some treats.

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