Pharma companies are coming out of the shadows

Corporate pharma brands are speaking directly to consumers as they gain prominence during the pandemic. Most people know what Viagra or Lipitor are, even if they’ve never taken them. But if you ask them who makes those drugs, much fewer will be able to answer Pfizer. Historically, pharma companies have distanced themselves from their portfolio Read more

National Apprentice Week

It is National Apprenticeship Week and to celebrate all of the wonderful apprentices we interviewed our very own Finance Apprentice Alex to find out what is it like working here at Coley Porter Bell. Name: Alexander Bull Role: Finance Apprentice   What does the role entail? I’m really fortunate to work in a small finance team for Read more

The million-dollar question

People’s approach to wellbeing has gone through subtle but significant shifts for some time, with the coronavirus pandemic creating a moment of salience that has accelerated much of that change. Behaviour has adapted as individuals’ attitudes to health have become broader – encompassing physical and mental health. In conjunction with this mindset of complete good Read more

The future of retail: Looking back to go forward

Why it matters Bricks and mortar retail has been devastated and e-commerce brings added competition, but brands employing analog techniques standout with fresh and more personal interactions. The shift to e-commerce makes it harder for brands to connect emotionally with customers – a key driver for success. In a digital world, tactile, physical moments are Read more

Delight on the doorstep

In a world changed by the Covid-19 pandemic, our mailboxes have become the new retail experience. And that provides numerous opportunities for brands to broaden their appeal.

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Marketing in a recession

The argument has long been made for why brands must market their way through a downturn. Now they need to know where to place budget and how to ensure their strategy is fitting for the conditions.

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Little rays of sunshine

Whilst some brand activities are more tactical, it’s good to see others being quick to show they really understand what consumers are needing right now.

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Why private banks need to do more

Our Planning Director, John Clark, recently wrote an article for Professional Wealth Management on Private banks that may talk a good game about transforming themselves, but are really only repackaging existing services.

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