Establishing a global technology leader

Civica wanted to update and refresh their brand, cementing
their positioning as a global leader and specifically in software
for public services.

Advances in digital technology have accelerated the transformation of
public services, and increased demand for cloud-based solutions. Civica
wanted clients to perceive them as the right partner to help them
understand and harness this new potential, which could help public
sector bodies provide improved public services.

We worked with Civica to create a new brand strategy and visual identity. The brand’s Positioning, About Us and Elevator description were carefully crafted with the Civica team. These were built on the six key points of difference that were identified as the brand’s unique strengths. These strengths were a combination of business, technical and cultural advantages.

A new Brand Essence was developed with Civica’s senior team in a Visual Planning workshop. This workshop uses neuroscience-based techniques to help unlock deeper insights into the brand, and the people behind it.

The new Brand Essence encapsulated the brand’s ambition to harness opportunities for clients and the focus around efficiency, and dynamically improving service delivery. This Essence was underpinned by the abilities of the brand’s highly creative staff, and their innovation lab ‘Civica NorthStar’, which promised smarter software for clients.

“We wanted our redesign to reflect the strong position and purpose of Civica as an innovative partner for the public sector and our ambition for the future. The team at Coley Porter Bell really understood our vision and helped translate that into a modern and appealing brand.”

Tim Magness,

Chief Marketing Officer

Refreshing existing assets

The brand’s unique teal was brightened, and the logo design evolved to
use all upper-case typography. This gave the logo a more symmetrical
feel, making it cleaner, clearer and more impactful.

The design process started by de-cluttering the brand, removing layers
of visual complexity to uncover the brand’s distinctive visual assets.
The updated design communicates the personality of the business,
emphasising the open, dynamic, and bright dimensions of the culture
and organisation.

The final brand element was the new tagline ‘ideas into action’. This
expressed both the thinking and doing sides of the Brand Essence,
combining the brand’s intellectual and practical sides. The use of ‘into’
emphasised the cause and effect power of the brand’s approach to

The design language

A unique visual language with ‘smartly coded’ symbols was developed. The design was inspired by the language of software – using the instructions such as * ^ and # that are used in programming – as graphic elements. This visual language linked the brand’s expression to its core software expertise.

The brand’s verbal expression complemented the visual. Headlines like ‘Keep your head in the cloud’ combined technology references with encouragement for staff to keep pushing. This was embedded into the smartly coded language by the use of programming brackets to hold the phrases.