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Taking Müller back to the top

Over 1 million people had lost their desire for a delicious, yummy Müller Corner. As well as increasing pressure from the competition, their packaging design was turning consumers off. They were starting to stray to other brands…

Our brief was to redesign the complete Müller range, to be an ‘invitation’, rather than a signpost. Moreover, consumers’ perceptions of what delicious food looks like had moved on with the advent of celebrity chefs and programmes such as the Great British Bake Off.

In particular, our brief was to create desire and define individual propositions and personalities for each of the sub brands to aid consumer navigation and get consumers to fall back in love with the brand.

Visual Planning helped us define individual propositions, with the iconic Corners being ‘beautifully delicious and enticing’. Deluxe is more of a ‘luxurious art indulgence’. At only 99 calories, Light taps into the target mindset of being fun and fashionable and having it all ‘Sassy lusciousness – yogurt in kitten heels’ whist Rice is a delicious, healthier snack ‘brimming with happiness’.

The iconic Corners brand is now beautifully enticing with the corner peel back acting as a tempting invitation.  Deluxe is more elegant and luxurious with its rich colour coding and sumptuous top of pack photography.  Muller Light has been given a sassy, fresh and energetic personality and Rice is bright and optimistic.

Our new-look Müller packaging creates instant desire and standout at shelf. Sub brands have tempting identities and propositions and are now much easier to navigate through.

And it worked a treat.

As well as hitting #1 in the chilled yoghurts category with a 10.3% value share, the brand enjoyed a £13million year-on-year increase in sales, resulting in a prestigious GOLD DBA award for the CPB team.

Michael Inpong, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Müller Group sums up:

"Coley Porter Bell continue to impress and inspire me. They create packaging design that really hits the spot – on brand, truly engaging and, most importantly, it works."

Michael Inpong, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Müller Group