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A brand for Lonza designed to inspire the medicines of tomorrow

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'Lonza Pharma & Biotech' displayed on a background of a snowy mountain range

How we helped Lonza harness their passion for the future

Founded in 1897, pharma company Lonza were losing ground to increasing competition. Through a fresh, streamlined brand identity, and a reconnection with the very human purpose at their heart, we helped position them as the passionate innovators they always were, and inspired employees around the world to rally behind a shared vision for the future.

The Lonza website displayed on a tablet on top of a green background
Someone viewing the Lonza website on an iPad mini
'the next idea...' placed in a pink to orange gradient background
Lonza - a billboard stating 'the next solution... We'll find it together.' with a set of stairs and escalators in the foreground.
Lonza - A tweet saying 'In 2016 #LonzaPB' supplied 191 large molecule clinical programs and 63 small molecule clinical programs, read more: link' with an image below stating the same content but in graphic form.
Lonza - business document containing lots of writing and line charts.
Lonza - business documents containing a donut chart and a line chart. This document contains a lot of writing and looks like it's formatting like a research document