What brands need to know about dupe culture - Coley Porter Bell

What brands need to know about dupe culture

Featured in Campaign US

Written by: Jenn Szekely, President

As long as there are coveted products from coveted brands, dupes will inevitably exist.

While luxury fakes have been available for years, the concept of dupes as we know it today emerged in the early 2000s, initially referenced by bloggers or on online forums discussing make-up products.

But the popularity of dupes is on the rise — and more and more brands are taking notice.

Dupes provide shoppers with cheaper alternatives designed to mimic the qualities of a brand. Search for“dupe” on TikTok and over 4.4 billion results come up. Gen-Z and Millennials are really embracing dupes, particularly in the current economic climate when the opportunity to save money is in high demand. These generations don’t have the financial strength of previous ones.

With the popularity of dupe culture showing no signs of slowing down, brands must consider a number of factors to safeguard the authenticity and image they have spent years establishing.

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