Walking the tightrope of rebranding - Coley Porter Bell

Walking the tightrope of rebranding

Featured in Muse by Clio

Written by: John Malozzi, Group Creative Director

Rebrands have dominated the headlines in the 2020s. From Burger King’s nostalgia-filled facelift to Burberry’s rebuke of minimalism as it reverted to its rich heritage, brands in all sectors have taken long, hard looks in the mirror and overhauled their images.

Such updates can ensure distinctive and purposeful identities that speak to their cultures and products. But before jumping blindly on the rebrand-waggon, what must companies consider to guarantee they’re heading in the right direction?

Consumers are more opinionated than ever, and their expectations of products and services are high. So, choosing an unpopular font risks catalszing an angry mob in the Twittersphere. Think of HBO Max’s recent misstep. Who knew that losing three little letters and changing color would cause a frenzy dubbed, “the brand mistake of the decade?”

Embarking on a rebrand, or even refresh, isn’t easy. Balancing change with continuity is a challenge. It’s a surprisingly fine line between Hilton’s “For the Stay” and the heavy-handed, much criticised We ♥ NYC.”

But, like Charles Blondin as he prepared to tightrope walk across Niagara Falls for the first time, brands should remember there are potential rewards for taking risks.

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