Inspiring Generation Z to step into Call It Spring

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How going deeper into our audience’s mindset helped us connect

Call it Spring was the same age as millennials, but failing to communicate with them. We helped the brand move away from a broad age-based demographic and dig deeper to reveal a group of customers with a particular mindset instead. The result? A brand that sings out to its target audience, creating the personal connection they value so much.

Call it spring - storefront with shoes & bags in the windows and shelves.
Call it sprint - paper bag with line pattern beneath.
Call it sprint - dark brown boot with white sole.
Call it spring - poster containing 2 models, one resting her head on the others shoulder with the caption 'out & about layered on top'.
2 models lying on a red, velvet sofa. One male, one female. The female is lying across, and the mail is sitting on the floor lying against the cushion
2 men walking in front of a white building, one of the men has a camera strapped beneath his arm
Call it spring products displayed on a grey background. Contained is a bee earring, a gold chain, a pair of knee high socks, a pair of mens ankle socks and a pair of sandals.
Call it spring - a spray paint effect paper bag with the call it spring logo in the centre.
Call it spring - A new pair of white/tan sandals on a hanger on a grey background
'You & me' stylised text on a green background.