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Helping Boots reconnect with its brand purpose

When Boots was falling behind against new competitors in the beauty and wellness categories, we helped the brand reconnect with a purpose that had been buried – yet was now more relevant than ever. The result is a powerful new brand identity that resonates strongly with consumers and is truly fit for the digital age.

Boots posters plastered across a wall, 4/7 simply say 'Boots let's feel good', another one says 'power of the pout, new lipstick in store now', another says 'pampered like a pro, get yourself VIP treatments with our indulgent beauty treatments in store now' and the final one says 'look great for less'
Boots 3 paper bags displayed on a purple background - the bag simply has the logo in the foreground and a heavily zoomed in portion of the logo displayed in the background. All 3 of the bags logos spell Boots when displayed next to each other.
Boots - Purple Boots branded canvas bag slung over someones bag
Different coloured Boots gift cards on a purple background
Boots Instagram account displayed on 2 smartphones, one contains an overview of there Instagram account, another contains a 'Get Lippy' advertising campaign
Boots lorry stationed outside some highrise office buildings
Boots advert displayed on some construction work, it says 'Feel fresh, with our NEW range of organic bathroom botanic, in stores now'
Boots - 4 Pill containers containing vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and Vitamin D
3 Boots advantage cards (loyalty cards) showed on a royal blue background. There are 3 unique designs, one has a sprinter, one has someone wielding a tennis racquet and the other just says 'Ad (like an element in the periodic table) Advantage card'
Boots - 'Get Lippy' lipstick display with many different colours of lipstick and lipgloss, with a photo of a non-binary model applying lip gloss in the centre.