Why insurance companies love furry faces - Coley Porter Bell

Why insurance companies love furry faces

Featured in Insurance Post

Written by: Rob Allen, Strategy Partner

Building desirable brands in the insurance market is a challenge. This is a low interest category where consumers unwillingly spend money on a service that they don’t want and they hope they’ll never use. Not exactly the ideal conditions for a business to build brand trust.

Which is why so many companies in this sector have looked to introduce a friendly face – invariably animal – to add some personality to their brands. From Churchill’s dog to Comparethemarket.com’s meerkat, some of these brand mascots have been central to building the brand.

But this is not the only way to build memorable brands in the insurance market. In this article for Insurance Post, Rob Allen, Strategy Partner at Coley Porter Bell, discusses why friendly faces work so well and also share other techniques for creating memorable brands and bringing personality into the sector.

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