Lean In Or Luck Out: Why Brands Need To Appeal To America's Over-50s - Coley Porter Bell

Lean In Or Luck Out: Why Brands Need To Appeal To America’s Over-50s

Featured in MediaPost

Written by John Malozzi, Group Creative Director

Gen Z is the go-to target audience for many brands, deemed digitally and culturally savvy. Some brands have transformed their identities, product lines and values to keep up with this beloved generation. But they’re not the only powerful collective in the digital age.

All consumers have adapted to the digital way of life, adopted social media profiles to interact with loved ones, influencers and brands, and watch content via their screens. And yet Gen Z is the demographic in the limelight — despite only making up 20% of the U.S. population and having the lowest average net worth of all the generations.

There is another engaged and growing demographic that’s ready to purchase products from automotive to technology, clothing to household appliances. Disregarded by brands out of fear of becoming “irrelevant” by association, they are the over 50s.

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