To Boldly Go: The rise of unlikely brand partnerships - Coley Porter Bell

To Boldly Go: The rise of unlikely brand partnerships

Featured in Advertising Week

Written by: Andy Humphreys, Senior Strategist

Brand extension, and its slightly more radical sister brand stretch have been a standard marketing play for many years.  Assessment was chiefly a case of balancing opportunity with risk and understanding both ‘can we go there’ and ‘how do we go there’.

But taking brands into new spaces has moved into a whole new space with brands crossing into unforeseen or even counter intuitive categories, the rise of partnerships, collaborations and more complex unions and barely a raised eyebrow when brands pivot into completely new directions.

In this article we take a look at what’s driving these new behaviors, what benefit – and pitfalls – might be in store, what are the new considerations to be born in mind and, most importantly, what’s the impact on the brand.

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