Things we like #7: Frameless - Coley Porter Bell

Things we like #7: Frameless

Written by: Isaac Sodipo, Design Director

In the unexpected location of Marble Arch, you can find one of the most dynamic exhibitions currently open in London. ‘Frameless’ is a multi-sensory experience, where you travel through themed rooms that explore colour, movement and abstraction. Each room plays with a different type of immersive technology set to classical and contemporary music as well as integrating sounds that complement the everchanging environment. In these rooms you will find yourself washed with unique and interactive digital interpretations of iconic masterpieces from artists such as Cezanne, Kandinsky, Monet, Canaletto, Rembrandt and Klimt. 

Every person has their own unique experience as they work through the rooms, what’s on a wall in front of you may be different to the wall behind you. Everyone can find their own way to explore their surroundings, whether it’s by sitting in the corner, standing by a wall or even laying on the floor. One of the rooms encourages movement and actively adapts to you – brushstrokes on the floor make way as you pass through them and then float up to the walls coming together to create the next stunning piece of immersive art.


Frameless is far from the traditional art experience, it’s a place where art breaks free and is intertwined with the space you’re in, like you’ve stepped into a live painting that’s growing, evolving and transforming around you.