Is your brand a zombie? Here’s how to bring it back to life - Coley Porter Bell

Is your brand a zombie? Here’s how to bring it back to life

Featured in The Drum

Written by: Rob Allen, Strategy Partner

One of horror movies’ scariest and most iconic antagonists, zombies are a constant in this genre of storytelling. In some quarters, humans are preparing for the day these fictional flesh-eaters become a reality. It may sound far-fetched, but the day of reckoning may be with us much sooner than expected – for we are at risk of the epidemic spreading to our products and services.

In celebration of Zombie Awareness Month (yes, it really is a thing) it’s time for a brand MOT. Decades of TV shows and films have prepared us for this moment, so here are the tell-tale signs that your brand has been infected.

Is your brand tired, stumbling around or losing direction? Are teenagers running screaming from your social posts? Does your brand slurp up resources while being stuck in the past?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are at risk of managing a zombie brand. How did this happen, I hear you ask? It’s all down to your brand’s relevance to life – or the lack of it.

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