It’s perhaps a paradoxical fact that the one constant in marketers’ lives is change. Whether that be external change in the shape of new tastes, new disruptors or new trends, self-imposed change in the hunt for new markets, customers, innovation or value, or the change that comes from within through consolidation, expansion or acquisition.

Whatever change the business is facing, we help turn that challenge of change into a potential opportunity for them, helping brands evolve and pivot to not just deal with change but to thrive and grow.

In our 40+ year history we have done this for a wide variety of clients, global and local, corporate and consumer, and across multiple categories.

In order to create opportunity for clients we tap into our ‘superpower’ – neuroscience. We’ve worked with internal experts and external partners to understand the intuitive, often hidden and sometimes counter intuitive, heuristics that guide our System 1, that shape how people decode the world and make decisions about brands.

By doing so we greatly increase the likelihood of our brand solution looking good on paper and also driving real world success.

And don’t just take our word for it – our string of awards for creativity and effectiveness reflect our commitment to both.

Driven by changes in tastes, trends and culture; shaped by disruptors and innovators; and enabled by mass production, mass communication, technology and data; our expectations of brands have moved through distinct ages over the past 50 or so years.

Crucially, each era has not negated the expectations of the past but instead added new ones.  Brands today need to understand and deliver against those multiple needs and expectations, in order to turn those expectations into growth opportunities.

From distinctiveness to substance, experiential to intelligence, our Immersive Branding framework identifies 7 key dimensions, their strategic foundations and associated identity assets, that brands need to deliver on.

A great immersive brand meets consumer expectations on all the immersive dimensions and identifies and excels on those critical for success.