Creating beautifully persuasive brands that grow

Building brands is challenging.
We all know that. Ideas that dazzle on paper and shine in research mysteriously underperform out in the real world.

But why?

And is it possible to get it right without the guesswork?
We think so – by applying learnings from neuroscience.

By learning how minds work, we can see what’s happening as people make decisions – and use that knowledge with measurably better results. It’s down to what neuroscientists call System 1 and System 2.

Coley Porter Bell System 1 & System 2

System 1 is the instinctive, intuitive rapid response mode of thinking. It’s where the majority of our decisions are made – often without us knowing how or why.

System 2 is what we often think of as thinking, conscious, effortful – and actually very slow. It’s how we learn – but not where we actually make most of our decisions.

Things go wrong when brands misjudge the balance.

For a brand to fulfill its potential, it needs to get hearts racing and heads on board. It must:

Seduce the subconscious. Convince the conscious.

And that’s what Coley Porter Bell specializes in.

But how?

Our unique Visual Planning™ process.

This more visual way of working speaks to both System 1 and 2, appealing to both ways of thinking from the very start. And that’s seriously valuable. Get it right, and you build brand strategies and visual identities that add value and create loyalty.

Which means growing both your brand and your bottom line.

Coley Porter Bell System 1 & System 2