What is Visual Planning™?

Visual Planning™ is our proprietary approach to all aspects of strategy. It blends traditional strategic approaches with design thinking and a practical understanding of neuroscience for measurably better real world results.

Why does neuroscience matter?
It tells us that most decisions are made in the System 1 part of our brains – in an instinctive, rapid-response way. Here, 90% of the information influencing us is visual. Later, we rationalise our decisions in our System 2 brain, the reflective and logical part.

Why choose Visual Planning™?
Most traditional strategic processes are missing a trick – they bias rational System 2 over intuitive, visual System 1. Just think of the endless intellectual discussion, ‘sophisticated’ brand models, the PPT decks…

Visual Planning™ is different. It uses both the language of visuals (the dominant language of System 1) and intellectual discussion (System 2). In doing so, it ‘bakes in’ System 1 AND System 2 cues right from the start.

System 1 and System 2 explained


Coley Porter Bell visual planning examples