To mark International Women’s Day, We Are The City spoke to women from all backgrounds, ethnicity and ages to find out what International Women’s Day means to them.

Coley Porter Bell’s CEO Vicky Bullen featured and commented: “I wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of diversity in organisations at all levels. Women make up a large proportion of the workforce and it makes sense to have a fair representation of females at every level in an organisation. The benefit of diversity is that it brings different points of view, which helps with better and more balanced decision-making.”

“It’s great that we have a day that recognises women in the workplace, but the work shouldn’t stop there. We need to make sure we stand up for ourselves and every other woman in our organisation to ensure we have the same opportunities as men. It’s not easy and we need to take courage and lead with spirit.”

“As women we have to learn our own craft, know ourselves, and be all that we can be, and then in knowing we have our own courage, we can help others. If we are brave enough to do that, then together, we can lead an army of women on the same journey, helping them to develop themselves and take their own courage, in learning from inspiring leaders.”

This was originally published in We Are The City.