We are thrilled to announce that we took home Bronze from the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards in the ‘Household Goods & Home Construction’ category for our packaging design for Unilever’s Comfort Summer Limited Edition!

The awards ceremony saw DBA’s Chief Executive Deborah Dawton give an inspiring speech about how, as a nation, we should be encouraging creativity in everyone from a young age, rather than “taking the paint brush out of their hands”. It also saw MP Matt Hancock talk about the importance of celebrating the design industry’s achievements. And finally, BBC presenter Samira Ahmed had the job of announcing the happy winners of the night – including us!

A creative packaging design saw Comfort’s 2016 Summer Limited Edition fabric softener outperform previous editions, with the product becoming a permanent SKU in the Comfort Creations Portfolio as a result of its success. Of the past three Limited Edition Comfort ranges, this one had the highest return on sales. In fact, its value sales outperformed the previous two limited editions combined and it immediately became the third highest selling Creations SKU, despite no ATL support.