Cultivating the Remarkable

Pernod Ricard Winemakers wanted to renew the look and feel of the YSIOS range through a design that credibly honours its traditional ways of viticulture and reflects their avant-garde mindset. With five very special wines in the portfolio, each needed to belong yet promote their individual story.

The new design draws inspiration from the key winemaking elements: the intensely personal connection of the Ysios winemaking team headed by award-winning winemaker Roberto Vicente, the diverse terroir and rich heritage of Rioja Alavesa subregion, and the avant garde mindset captured in their boutique bodega, designed in harmony with the landscape by award-winning architect Santiago Calatrava.

The specific conditions of each vineyard are brought to life in the visual icons on each bottle, paying homage to the distinctive story behind the winemaking of each of the five wines. The label shape reflects the distinctive, undulating curves and central arch of the Ysios bodega. Clean mineral tones, with earthy elemental textures and colours evoke the natural diversity of the region´s terroir.

Painstakingly crafted over a two-year period, the result is a beautifully crafted and minimalist design that brings the multifaceted story to life.

“I love the new designs. The shape visually conveys the importance of the Sierra Cantabria mountain range to our region’s terroir, whilst the unique images on the labels capture one of the key elements that give each wine a distinctive personality. Like Ysios wines, their elegance represents layers of complexity.”

Roberto Vincente, Winemaker and Winery manager, Ysios

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