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WPP Adobe Designathon Winners 2019

Proud winners of the WPP Adobe Designathon; a global competition designed to challenge WPP agencies from around the globe to develop the skills of their creatives.

Last November the creative team at Coley Porter Bell couldn’t resist the opportunity to get involved with the WPP Adobe Designathon. The Designathon is a global competition designed to challenge WPP agencies to use Adobe XD and all its latest features to prototype a creative idea for an app, for a WPP client. 

Unilever, one of WPPs most long standing clients, was keen to see how WPP agencies from across the globe would use Adobe XD and the power of creativity, to help them bring their sustainable living strategy, to life.

The brief seemed simple. “How can you make ‘sustainable living’ relevant to one of Unilever’s consumer brands in an interesting and engaging way”

Khrissie, Ben and Josh, three enthusiastic members of our creative team, were keen to get involved. They discovered that Unilever have an ambition to reduce their sustainability footprint by 50% by 2030. To achieve this extraordinary target Khrissie, Ben and Josh believed that rather than trying to combat the issue of sustainability through just one brand, they should harness the Unilever portfolio and create something that could connect all its brands and their associated sustainability issues.

Their idea was to create a ‘Unilever Sustainability Hub’ that combined many of the sustainability related brand interactions you might have with Unilever brands and reward Unilever consumers on reaching specific sustainability targets. The aim was to change people’s everyday choices and encourage them to live a more sustainable life. 

Aware that sustainability can be a low interest topic, the team were inspired by apps designed for brands like Vitality, and used ‘gamification’ as a tactic to create and maintain ongoing interest in sustainability.

When users open the app, they’re asked to make simple choices. Do you eat organic or artificial, fresh or processed, eat in or take away? When you answer these simple two choice questions you get a score. And, when your score reaches certain targets you unlock rewards relating to the brand, highlighting the positive relationship between a sustainable life and a healthy life. 

To showcase some of the exciting new features of Adobe XD, like voice control, the team chose to bring the concept to life for one of their favourite Unilever brands, Magnum. They defined their approach as “Taking Pleasure Seriously”. 

It took a committed, tight-knit team a few speedy design sprints, some late nights and a little weekend working. But in just two weeks, they created an engaging, dynamic and well thought through idea with a killer Adobe XD prototype. 

Judges were assembled from both WPP and Adobe and included Ray Kane (VP Strategic Partnerships at WPP), Khoi Vinh (Adobe Sr. Director, Product Design), Anita-Mai Goulding (Adobe XD Strategic Development, EMEA)

We are delighted to announce that the team from Coley Porter Bell won the global competition, and have been crowned the 2018 WPP Adobe Designathon champions. Not bad for a couple of week’s work.

And given more than 30 teams signed up, competing from a variety of different WPP agencies with submissions from across the globe, we feel extremely proud of our achievement and are looking forward to the challenge again next year.

If you’d like to learn more about how we turned Unilever’s Sustainability challenge into opportunity for their brands and how we used Adobe XD quickly and effortlessly bring exciting prototypes to life, get in touch, we’d be happy to share the story.

Our designers prototyped a creative idea for an app for Unilever, a WPP client, using Adobe XD and all its latest features.


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“XD designathons are a company-wide global 2-week competition to showcase outstanding creative assets using Adobe XD. The Coley Porter Bell, ‘Unilever Sustainability Hub’ mobile app showcased an immersive, intuitive and stellar user experience in XD. Their use of auto-animate, timed transitions and extensive XD features, as well as the copy and overall visual design was incredibly powerful. Congratulations to Khristina, Josh and Ben for all your hard work and XD expertise!” – Anita-Mai Goulding – Adobe XD Strategic Development, EMEA

“At WPP, we are proud to be partners with Adobe to develop the skills and abilities of our people, enabling them to scale even greater heights of creative solution. The Designathon produced some great solutions from around the WPP world. The app created by the team at Coley Porter Bell really stood out both in terms of its creativity, ingenuity and thinking.” – Ray Kane – VP Strategic Partnerships at WPP

“The Coley Porter Bell team whole heartedly embraced the Adobe Designathon. They honed their XD and prototyping skills and combined them with strategic brand thinking, creativity, UX and delightful attention to detail. The result was an outstanding creative concept that reinforced what matters to the brand and the business. (And it was fun!) Their success in the competition is a demonstration of our commitment to develop the creative skills we need for modern marketing.” – James Ramsden – Executive Creative Director, Coley Porter Bell