A brand world packed full of Pure Plant Power

Plant-based eating began as a trend, but in the last year has turned into a food revolution. Premier Foods saw an opportunity to use this change in eating habits to launch a new range of plant-based products – ones which are both good for the body and also pack a punch when it comes to flavour.

Plantastic is a plant-based food range aimed at Gen X and Gen Z, and reflects what this audience expect from brands; a promise of health backed up by a bold and passionate brand story. Just as the products are for those with busy lives and competitive priorities, trying to juggle work and play, the brand is about vibrant products which balance both goodness and taste, with an extensive range that caters for all eating occasions.

Our task was to create a standout brand world that would deliver the impact and immediacy a new brand needs. We developed the brand positioning, tone of voice, and brand identity for application across the range of touchpoints including packaging, posters, t-shirts and merchandise.

We used our Visual PlanningTM process to articulate the new brand purpose, “Nourishing your brilliant life”. This was built from the belief that it should be easy for everyone to eat delicious food that makes them feel good about themselves​.

Our solution used natural textures, brilliantly vibrant and ‘delicious’ colours and created the powerful ‘P’ icon which will become a key identifier for the brand across its world. We finished off the unique brand story with a powerful and ownable brand tagline, “Pure Plant Power”.

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