A brand with a different point of view

Nephila deals in catastrophe reinsurance and weather risk. For 20 years it has been driven by its founders, but to thrive in future it needed to find success as a brand.

We began by spending time with founders Frank Majors and Greg Hagood, who started with a bright idea and grew it in to a world leader with $10 billion assets under management. Why were they so successful? How could we distil that and turn it in to a brand? We also interviewed investors, brokers, management and staff to understand strengths, values, culture and perceptions.

We then held a Visual Planning workshop – our proprietary approach that uses neuroscience – to go beyond strategy and explore how visual ideas could work intuitively as well as logically.

The identity we created is about ‘A Fresh Perspective’ This has been key to Nephila’s success. They look at things differently and see new angles. Like their namesake, the Nephila spider with it’s eight eyes, they have multiple points of view.

The logo we designed is based on the Penrose impossible triangle that challenges how we look at the world.

"We are now unified behind one brand idea which helps us understand and connect with each other"

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A fresh perspective

We brought the new branding to life across many touchpoints and created a new website that uses dynamic gliding pages to project changing perspectives. Over film, it’s constantly changing – just as the world of climate and catastrophe is. Over images, it’s a lens through which a different perspective is revealed.

Frank & Greg

Everyone at Nephila is now unified behind one brand which helps them understand and connect with each other. Everyone is coming from the same place and going in the same direction. The values Frank and Greg brought that made Nephila so successful are enshrined for the future.