Müllerlight Amore

Our design of Müller’s new range draws upon Italian ceramic artistry to bring to life the Italian heritage, quality and luxuriousness of the product.

Super creamy yogurt is a segment in growth with more consumers buying it, and paying a higher price. However, a key barrier to consumption is concern over high fat, and too many calories. 

An opportunity therefore existed for Müllerlight to offer consumers a fat free super creamy yogurt inspired by Italy, to tap into this desire for indulgence without the guilt, and build Müller’s presence in this category. According to research on luxury yogurt, Italy is associated with expertise in creaminess – from gelato, to mascarpone and mozzarella.  

Our strategy was to clearly position Müllerlight Amore as a ‘special moment’ of me-time indulgence with a distinctive design that would communicate the Italian story behind the concept, have great stand out on shelf, and justify a premium price. With the reassurance of being ‘fat free’, consumers could treat themselves more often.

The design is inspired by beautiful Italian ceramic artistry to bring to life the Italian heritage and the quality of the product.  

The darker blue colour palette cues luxury and positions the product within the premium super creamy yogurt category, taking the customer to a more ‘indulgent’ evening experience.

“The super creamy yogurt sector continues to grow and our Müllerlight Amore range allows health conscious consumers to buy into this without worrying about high fat and calories. Coley Porter Bell has delivered a beautiful, luxurious design which allows our customers to tap into a little moment of luxury.”

Michael Inpong, CMO UK & Ireland, Müller

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