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Morrisons’ packaging with plenty of mmmmm

Morrisons Value old packaging design looked “cheap” and “unappetising” (ouch – customers’ words, not ours). So much so that shoppers were hiding them in their baskets. We needed to inject Morrisons’ ambition of ‘being closer to food’ into the 650-strong range, fast.

Move over embarrassing, lurid yellow. Enter colourful, playfully illustrated product silhouettes, handwritten descriptions – and a new, stand-out name: M Savers.

Goodbye packaging that screams ‘cheap’. Hello ‘value for money, for you’. Suddenly customers felt like they were shopping smartly, not cheaply.

With a massive year-on-year growth of 49.7%, M Savers instantly became the fastest growing food brand in the UK and generated £23.2million additional revenue vs. the previous year.

"Sales up year-on-year for our M Savers range. Cannibalisation and deflationary impact lower than predicted. Rip roaring success! Well done."

Belinda Youngs, Morrisons