global branding agency brand identity DSM corporate

Brand value. Quintupled.

DSM was moving from traditional chemicals into life sciences and materials sciences. They needed to transform their brand.

global branding agency brand identity DSM corporate

DSM were now working in a new space, innovating across a wide range of products from food and dietary supplements to personal care, from paints to electronics, from alternative energy to bio-based materials. The company and its 25,000 staff worldwide needed a new way of looking at themselves and projecting their vision to the world. We developed a strategy and brand idea, ‘Bright Science, Brighter Living’, which focussed on how their innovations positively impact people’s lives. We then created a new identity, supported by a tone of voice, corporate mission, brand behaviours and brand architecture. The new branding was transformational, changing perceptions of DSM with its customer base and enabling them to stand out in the category. Internally, the new brand created an emotive and energetic spirit throughout the business which continues to drive the company today.

550% increase in brand value from $152m to $836m. The visual identity was proven to play a key part, with Brand Finance’s Visual Identity Score seeing its steepest increase in the first year of the roll out.

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