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At Coley Porter Bell, we fundamentally believe in diversity, equality and self-expression and we wanted to celebrate how being LGBT+ in 2016, should be really quite ‘everyday’. We started by thinking how being gay in London is less about rainbows and glitter (well, sometimes) and more about having a laugh with friends over a cup of tea.

So, if Pride in London’s mission is to make LGBT+ more acceptable and every day, we asked ‘what could be more everyday than a cuppa?’

In partnership with award-winning ethical tea company, We Are Tea we created Gaiety – a tea to take pride in.

Launched to coincide with Pride in London, we created limited edition personalised tea caddies in three varieties; Builders, Earl Grey and Super Berry. The design concept brings ‘two of the same’ together – in this case, teacups and teapots – linking handles and spouts in a show of affection. The idea is amplified through personalisation; names could be added to celebrate the unity of friends and partnerships.

To support the packaging, we also developed advertisements and a web page on the We Are Tea site, as well as selling Gaiety-branded tea at Rosie & Joe in Soho.

All profits from sales of Gaeity during the two weeks of Pride, were donated to LGBT charities, The Albert Kennedy Trust and Opening Doors London.

"Raise your mugs and pinky fingers in the air, London Pride is here again, and we're having a cuppa!

We know that around this time of year the LGBT+ community can often be stereotyped. 'Why put people in a box?' we cry (that's for teabags)! Let's celebrate the 'everydayness' of being gay in 2016 with a clink of our tea cups. What could be more natural than that? "