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Nescafé innovation wins over new category

Café culture had sparked a coffee revolution and a new entry to the market was suddenly threatening Nescafé’s position as leader in instant-coffee.

When Starbucks launched VIA, a new category of coffee-shop ‘microground’ was born. Nescafé needed to catch up fast to win over this very different crowd of young, urban consumers.

Enter Azera… In just 6 weeks, we positioned the brand as ‘instant barista’ and created a new name, key visual equity and packaging design. Then we created launch advertising (poster, press and in-store) to bring the brand to life beyond the pack.

The name highlights the coffee beans’ Latin American origins, distinguishing it from the more obvious Italian route used by competitors. And the packaging uses the evocative visual language of the coffee shop machine –think gorgeous chrome and enamel logos – and a palette of browns and oranges hinting at its rich taste.

The result? Incredible stand out, helping Azera snap up 49% of the microground category within 2 months of launch.

Stephen Bell, Executive Creative Director at Coley Porter Bell, sums up:

"It is exciting to be involved in bringing an innovation of this stature to life. From naming, positioning and packaging to poster advertising this was a challenging brief but the work we have come up with is beautiful and distinctive."

Stephen Bell, Executive Creative Director at Coley Porter Bell