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Transforming perceptions with new DSM brand identity

Dutch chemical giant DSM wanted to move away from its chemical company roots and evolve to become a life sciences and materials company. They wanted to be seen as confident, open, optimistic – and offering solutions for real societal needs.

We underpinned these qualities with a new positioning and brand identity – plus a fresh tone of voice, logo, brand architecture and brand promise: ‘Bright Science. Brighter Living’.

A new organic and fluid visual identity worked wonders, creating an emotive and energetic spirit throughout the business. Suddenly DSM shone in a corporate category awash with white lab coats.

Not only did people’s perceptions of DSM change for the better across its 23,000 employees and global customer base, with every success target being met or exceeded. It also enjoyed a 550% increase in brand value from $152m to $836m.

Brand Finance sums up:

"DSM’s visual identity has been the backbone of its brand refresh, signaling its new philosophy to all stakeholders, internal and external."

Brand Finance, (the world-leading brand valuation agency)