Every week sees new brand movements. But who’s getting it right? Who’s getting it wrong? Which brand is one to watch and who should be worrying? Our round up this week on the latest includes updates from IKEA, Desigual, and ASDA. We’ll let you decide which brand sits where. 

IKEA. Delivering food. To your home.

[Image: Mashed – Full article via Fast Company]

Who doesn’t love their infamous 99p meatballs? And now you can enjoy such delights from the comfort of your IKEA sofa as the world’s 6th largest food chain (yes, really) are readying themselves to deliver food alongside futons.

We imagine you’ll need to follow a black and white line drawing to construct it before you can eat it though…

Is thinking backwards the new forward thinking?

[Image: Desigual –Full article via Creative Bloq]

Clothing brand Desigual seem to think so with the revelation of their flipped logo. Yet the studio here are split on this one: is it a fame stunt to drive awareness, or a brand pushing boundaries and demonstrating a carefree, rule breaking sense of style? Will it attract a newly intrigued audience, or will they end up having to flip it back round when the current consumer outgrows them?

Either way, it works well when photographed in selfie mode which we guess is what really matters (tried and tested).

Asda glow up with their new neon gin range.

[Image: ASDA – Full article via Design Taxi]

Old fashioned sweets mixed with new world gin in beautiful bottles is one thing. Add in neon colouring and you’re sure to get glowing reviews from your next party serving these up. With summer pending and bespoke gin having taken off over the last few months, is ASDA one to watch?