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So what next?

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So what next? After the turbulence at the start of the decade and news that house prices are actually now above the peak of 2008 (at least in London and the South East)…there is a feeling of pregnant expectation in the air.

A feeling that has been captured in trend guru Li Edelkoort’s latest prediction talk EMBRYONIC for Autumn/Winter 2015/6, which Stephen Bell and I immersed ourselves in at Cine Lumiere, South Kensington, last week.

The good news is that Li predicts a peaceful, non aggressive and comforting period.  In In her own words we are now finally “ready to embrace the 21st century with another vision for a new age …that is still evolving.”  As society shifts to a climate of care and togetherness, and more wholesome options, the climate of expectation will manifest itself in style principles that embrace and cuddle the consumer…as, according to Li “the womb of the world awaits a renaissance.”

Think kangaroo type pouches and all things egg shaped, onion-like layering, cocooning and cushioning.  As the trend extends not just too fashion but architecture and design, think huge spiral staircases, stratified objects, amorphous buildings and mummified furniture.  Design will induce a feeling of serenity by cushioning the consumer and protecting them from aggression.  Socks will be de rigueur.  We may choose to dress in warm comforting socks from head to toe, apparently, although I think knee-highs a little more wearable!

Interestingly, whereas fashion today has been very free and open, with no real rules, so it’s hard to say if a look is ‘in’ or ‘out’ of fashion, this new period will bring in new rules.  There will be a more acute sense of what is ‘in fashion’.  A good excuse for a wardrobe update, perhaps.

Whilst recently we’ve seen a lot of red, everything will take on a ‘greenwash’.  Not in the sense of eco but literally the colour green will infiltrate photography, beauty, textile and fashion.  Watch out when you go for you next colour as the hot tip for hairdressers is blonde with a hue of green!

With our current obsession with luxury patisseries we will also see a Patisserie colour palette… eye candy clothes in tender sucrose colours, glazing and iridescence to act as sweeteners for our dull urban lives.  A perfect excuse for a donut, if you ever needed one!

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