How to fan the flames of consumer desire. Part1: Luxury cues.

by Alex Benady

We now know that human decision making is primarily emotional. Shopping is no exception to that rule. So, arguably the key question in brand and packaging design is how do you press the right emotional buttons to create that emotional, as opposed to rational, desire for your brand or product?

We have identified 5 main areas that can help harness the right emotional cues and fan the flames of consumer desire.

The first of these is the business of making your brand seem more prestigious. Pamela Danziger a consumer insights expert who specialises in targeting the affluent consumer segment  pointed out that  “the natural evolution of all luxury concepts is from class to mass.  First luxury is introduced and embraced by the affluent; the inevitably it is translated and reinterpreted down the masses.”  So these rules apply to all brands, no matter how mundane.

Here are five ways for even the most everyday of brands to burnish their emotional appeal by adding ‘luxury cues’ to their packaging.  As you’ll see they don’t need to be obvious ‘bling’ .

Monograms – They anchor a design and bestow instant heritage and authority. Here Nicky Clarke professional hair care is all about his skill & expertise

Heritage – Fentiman soft drinks.  Even if the brand isn’t ‘old’ you can cue a sense of heritage & quality through structure, typography, detailing & layers – a sense of authenticity

Layers and detail – For Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce again the intricate detailing gives a sense of quality, authenticity and being an original – ‘the real thing’

Provenance – gives a sense of place, authenticity & quality – in the case of make-up brand Rimmel – they reference London & the UK in their packaging as a way to link to London style … their tagline is get the ‘London look’ – here even the actual product eye shadow is formed into a union jack & embossed with a crown.

They subvert classic provenance codes to add edge & street style.

And lastly

Rarity– Create desirability by touching limited editions, collectable packs … Evian do this brilliantly, linking up with fashion designers like this pack here designed in collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier.  It adds flair, style & new worthiness to the brand … & of course creates sales. ENDS



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